Friday, February 8, 2013

An Onion Remedy for Fever

The onion (Allium cepa) was highly regarded by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of the many-layered universe. They saw eternal life in the anatomy of the onion because of its circle-within-a-circle structure. Depictions of onions appear on the walls of the pyramids and in the tombs of both the Old and New Kingdom. Not only did they use them as a currency to pay the workers who built the pyramids, but they also placed them in the tombs of kings as a symbol of eternity.

Two unfinished depictions from "The Bird Tomb" of Neferherenptah at Saqqara, which have been sketched out in red orchre and finished in charcoal. The first one depicts  the watering of onions and the second one the harvesting of onions. 

Onions have been aknowledged for thousands of years for their medicinal value. The physicians of ancient Egypt prescribed onions in various diseases, they numbered over 8000 onion-alleviated ailments. Hippocrates prescribed onions as a diuretic, wound healer and pneumonia fighter in the 5th century BC and gave a comprehensive description of its medicinal properties. The ancient Greeks also used onions to fortify athletes for the Olympic Games. Before competition, athletes would consume pounds of onions, drink onion juice and rub onions on their bodies. They ate large quantities of onion because they believed it lightened the balance of blood. Roman gladiators were rubbed down with onion to firm up their muscles.  In India as early as the sixth century BC, the medical treatise Charaka - Sanhita acknowledged the onion as a diuretic, good for digestion, the heart, the eyes and joints. In the Middle Ages, onions were such an important food that people would pay their rent with onions, and even give them as gifts. Doctors were known to prescribe onions to facilitate bowel movements and erections, and also to relieve headaches, coughs,snakebite and hair loss.

A natural way to reduce a fever without the use of any medication is to drink an onion juice mixed with honey. The way to make it is really simple:
Put a large onion in a preheated oven and let it bake for about 40 minutes. When ready and soft, press it thoroughly through a sieve to collect all its juices and, then, mix in the juice about two tablespoons of good quality honey. Drink 2 teaspoons of this every 2-3 hours until the fever goes down.
It also recommended to put sliced onions in a bowl by the bed. As they have pacity to absorb viruses! The drawing of infection, congestion and colds out of the ear is also remarkable. 



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