Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cold Relief Tea Remedy with Echinacea and Rose Hips

Recently many friends have been calling me to ask me for remedies and advice on how to treat a cold, so here I am sharing one of my most effective cold relief tea remedies. You don’t need to catch a cold to drink this, you can just drink it to prevent a cold or strengthen your immune system. It is best to avoid taking Echinacea on a daily basis, for it will stop being so effective on your system, so it is best to use it for certain periods of time when needed. Rose hip tea on the other hand can be consumed as often as you wish.  All I can say is that I have been using this remedy for years, it really works and here is why:
Echinacea is well known for strengthening the immune system by stimulating the production of T-cells. It also increases the ability of your white cells to fend off pathogenic invaders. A compound known as Echinacein, found in Echinacea, helps keep germs from penetrating healthy cells, so that viruses and bacteria don’t take hold in your body and it really helps to reduce your recovery time. Echinacea is also used as treatment for sore throats, urinary tract infections, enlarged lymph glands, and skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
Rose hips, the fruit of the wild rose, have even more vitamin C than citrus fruits do. Rose hips were long known as a food, but only since the mid twentieth century has their medicinal value as a premier source of this essential vitamin been recognized. The vitamin C content gives rose hip tea its primary benefit-the ability to help prevent and treat colds and flu. Rose hip tea also contains vitamins A, B, E and K, pectin and organic acids. Besides battling colds, the nutrient rich tea boosts your health in other ways as well; it helps strengthen the body's resistance to infection, reinforces digestive function, combats all kinds of illness with fever, flushes out the kidneys and urinary tract and relieves mild rheumatic pain.
This tea is very easy to make.
Just boil 1 cup of water and pour it over 2 teaspoons of rose hips (fresh or dry) and 2 teaspoons of Echinacea. Let it stand, covered, for 15 minutes. You may sweeten it with honey, if desired. If you suffer from a cold I would suggest to drink the tea lukewarm at least three times a day, in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime, for maximum effectiveness. If you are just drinking it to prevent a cold or strengthen your immune system, you may just drink it in the morning! Alternatively you may use rosehip and Echinacea extracts or tintures.


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