Sunday, September 9, 2012

Natural Warm Hair Oil Treatment with Coconut and Evening Primrose Oils

Photo credit: Nature's health foods

Every year when I return from my summer holidays my hair needs some serious treatment to go back to soft, healthy and shiny! This is a natural hair oil recipe that deeply moisturizes dry, sun-exposed, damaged or colour-treated hair, it nourishes both the scalp and hair, it promotes hair to grow faster, and most importantly it rejuvenates and makes you feel just great! You may use it once a month or as often as you feel your hair (or scalp) needs it. Pregnant women should be very cautious when using essential oils, since many of them should be avoided during pregnancy. To be on the safe side, it is best to consult your doctor before using them or to just use the base oils plain without adding the essential oils in the end.

Here is what you’ll need:
(Please note that the quantities given below are for quite long hair. You might need to adjust the recipe according to the length and thickness of your hair.)
15 ml (3 tablespoons) coconut oil
10 ml (2 tablespoons) evening primrose oil
15 drops rosemary essential oil if your hair is dark or 15 drops chamomile essential oil if your hair is light
 Photo credit: Essential oils
Mix the coconut and evening primrose oils in a cup and heat it in a double boiler in very low heat until it reaches a comfortable temperature (in winter, the coconut oil sets and becomes very thick and white in colour, so you'll need to remove it with a spoon and allow it to melt).
Add the essential oil and mix well. Apply the mixture to your hair (it is easier to apply it on damp hair) making sure you cover it all and massage well. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap or you may just use a plastic cap and apply a hot towel, tight around your head. When the first towel cools down replace it with a second warm towel. You may leave it for two or three hours, depending on the needs of your hair, but no less than 30 minutes. Some decide to leave it overnight but I wouldn’t recommend it as it is quite uncomfortable to sleep with your head wrapped in plastic! When you decide to remove it, wash your hair with shampoo as it is without wetting it. Massage really well. Rinse and repeat shampooing at least twice. In the end you may add your conditioner as usual (you’ll probably need a smaller quantity than usual).

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