Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iced Green Tea with Chili, Mint and Lemon

This is a delightful recipe ideal for a hot summer day or you can serve it as a welcome drink at a garden party!
It also aids in weight loss as both green tea and spicy chili peppers  are excellent natural fat burners  (green tea reduces body fat, by increasing thermogenesis and fat oxidation; the active ingredient, responsible for the fat loss, is EGCG. Chilies contain capsaicin which is a thermogenic and they use up calories to produce heat.).  Thermogenics stimulate the body's burning of fat by increasing the metabolism of the body's adipose tissue, generating heat.  The thermogenic effect of chilies is complementary to that of the green tea, and increases the overall result. 

1 teapot of good quality green tea
A bunch of fresh mint (and extra for the pitcher)
1 fresh chili pepper (spicy)
Honey or agave syrup
Half lemon, sliced (and a few extra slices to decorate your glasses)

Add the mint to the teapot of green tea and allow it to cool. Once it’s ready, pour the tea in a large pitcher (strained) and add the chili (you can add it whole as it is, or you can remove the seeds first and then add it), lemon slices,  honey or agave syrup (as much as you like) and some extra fresh mint (optional). Once all your ingredients have been beautifully blended together add the ice and serve! You can always adjust the quantity of chili you use in your tea depending on how spicy you like it.



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